To Be Black and a Christian: Zero Degrees of Separation

Some of the hardest seasons of my life, like this one, pushes me to address my identity as a woman of God and an African American woman. From reading social media posts, tweets, and articles I perceive I am not alone seeking comfort and clarity in these racially charged times. What started as a short Facebook post about how I am coping with my anger and the turmoil I feel, in regards to the recent police brutality is now turning into a blog post. Enjoy! Be Informed.

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But Do I Really Tho…?

Those realization or coming to Jesus moments, we all need them and pray for them, but we are never prepared to encounter them or embrace the truth of what we learn about ourselves. Recently, a particular moment and conversation with a friend, reveals the ugliness within myself and how I say want better for my life…but do I really tho…? Do I really want to the transformation I wonder and envision for myself?

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God’s Love Letter to Singles

Sometimes, it is another Valentines Day where you did not ask to be single! It is the old, mind numbing pain where you remember a-ha I don’t have a companion yet to share in my joys and tribulations and sometimes, it feels like you will never meet a person who finds you special or worth loving. I know how you feel, my friend, because I am single too and I know you do not want those cliche remarks, especially from your married friends, so I am going to give you some encouragment that helped me on this commercially successful day. A love letter from God, written by a single to another single! Love you!

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