Enter. Come. Sit. You are among imperfect people.

honest girl chronicles

I did not sign up to be a woman. This is a class God pre-enrolled me in and there are many days where I feel like I am failing. Relationships? Are you getting married? Are you allergic to dating?


What is honest girl chronicles?


Sell yourself short

As a black woman this is an endless sea of my grievances to God (in a respectful manner) which are my ongoing slips up, awkward exchanges, tantrums, and dismal tailspins on the weekly basis. The purpose of this blog is to not unlock the secrets of happiness or figure out the behavioral formula to finding a man and keeping one. 

No. I believe as women we often sell ourselves short because the world is always telling us we need someone to complete us. We should want more for ourselves than marriage, because we are more than who we wed.

One of my WORST Fears...

One of my worst fears is for me or any woman to get to heaven and God says, “You are more than what you became.” The world and even our friends and family is selling us short! But not God. As women we have so much to offer and God has imbued us with our own gifts, talents, and ideas that can shake our workplaces, communities, cities, and of course our households. ​

Ask yourself

Is god truly our everything?

Putting God first. Prioritizing our relationship with God before everyone else is the primary goal of Honest Girl Chronicles. It is about learning how God is truly obsessed with us and about how becoming truly obsessed with Jesus is the key to unlocking our true maturity. 

Be strong. be courageous. be you.