If there is always something I loved to do–I love to teach. I love to read and study the Word of God, pulling back the pages of His Scripture, allowing the Holy Spirit to show me opportunities to apply it.

In 2015 I received a devotional titled, Crazy Love by Francis Chan. A deacon at one of the churches I attended as I attended Michigan State University was giving out the devotionals if we answered biblically correct. I had an on and off relationship with the devotional; I also had other studies I examined in the past and recently. 

Excitedly, what I always wanted to do on my blog was take you guys along with me on this journey. As I read, grapple, consider, question, and investigate the many lessons the Lord God wants me to learn. 

Hence for January and February, I will be studying this devotional, if you want to explore along with me or read the posts I will be creating, I highly encourage you to do. I have both the Francis Chan Crazy Love Devotional and Crazy Love Study Book.


What I love about Crazy Love is the sincerity and conviction, by which Francis Chan writes the message about God’s love. He effectively communicates how generic Christians and mundane relationships transform once we seek out knowing who God is intimately, for ourselves and not to receive His blessings solely. 

God’s love is crazy, for He sent His Son, Jesus to die for wicked, selfish human beings. Even now, we rarely give God a moment of our time, our effort, our hearts, and minds. Sorrowfully, so many Christians live their life without experiencing this compelling love of God, without knowing how much His love creates in us a desire to live a radical lifestyle contrasting with the Christian complacency in America. 

So, join me my friends on this journey. I need you, and you need me. Most importantly, we need Jesus. We need Him more than ever! I do not know about you, but I do not want to be the same person at the point of my conversion when I meet Jesus Christ in heaven. 

I want Him to know I was faithful and good!

I want Him to be pleased with the work the Holy Spirit will do through me. 

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