Taking a Stand Against Self Pity

It’s one thing to say you will not complain, it is a whole another level to stand against self pity, especially when life is not going your way. We can always find something to complain about, but can you challenge yourself and list ten blessings in an effort to praise God, even when it hurts?

Stop Making a Monster out of God

After experiencing a major disappointment, job loss, break up, or getting bad news about your health from the doctor it is normal to experience an onslaught of negative and mixed emotions. However, God did not create us to live in the darkness and anguish of our circumstances. Through Jesus Christ we’re presented with two choices, either to rise above emotions and situations through faith or to indulge the problem, feeding its power over us. How we handle, speaks volumes about character. Our response to our misfortunes will lead to acceptance and problem solving, or the dark rabbit hole of self pity. Self pity is a deceitful monster. If we become so focused on our terrible circumstances, we begin to make a monster out of God. Our hole of darkness traps us in misery, separating us from the way of escape.