Enter. Come. Sit. You are among imperfect people.


Bible Study Series

For you to see the spiritual and physical changes manifest in your life, you need to read and study God’s Word. Consistently.

There are no shortcuts. There is no instantaneous growth. The Lord God is the reader of all hearts and minds; therefore, growing spiritually means giving our quality time with God first priority, effort, and frequency. What we want has a price, and we are responsible for our spiritual growth on Earth. God expects His children to exude the same level of maturity, holiness, and love as His Son, Jesus Christ, who is our Lord and Savior. We are called to be warriors and soldiers for Christ, not remain babies and immature in our faith.

God Loves You: Always Have and Always Will by David Jeremiah

This devotional boldly proclaims how the world now more than ever needs to hear again the most important message that God loves you. The love of God is the real reason why humanity is still here. Dr. David Jeremiah uses God's Word, explaining and clarifying what God's love is, does, and why there is a need for us to embrace this amazing, unconditional, and life-changing love.

Why this devotional?

One of the books I am eager to complete and to share my insights with you is the wonderful devotional gifted to me by Dr. David Jeremiah called “God Loves You.” Ever since I received this text in college, the Holy Spirit has been poking and prodding at my heart to analyze the wisdom and make spiritual applications to my life. Low self esteem and low self worth has haunted me for many years, so establishing my confidence and identity in Christ is crucial to my continual spiritual development. The desire is we can work through this text together and encourage one another. I post weekly. A post per chapter and I am eager to get started. Join me!