Right now, thousands of people and families are torn asunder, their realities set ablaze at the hands of the coronavirus. My family and I experienced a recent death due to COVID-19 and now covering my timeline are brief glimspses into the wonderful lives of these human beings who has a hand in raising you and loving you.

My heart grieves with you, Beloved. As Christians we are to grieve, demonstrate swift and steady kindness, the same compassion Jesus showed to the widowed mother mourning the death of her son, to the believers and unbelievers of the world.

I extend my hand out to the brokenhearted, asking God that my prayers reach impassioned hearts tempted to turn bitter and swollen cheeks wondering how are you going to move on and why did this adversity strike you? Why are you suffering as you are? I do not have the answers but I do know Job, the righteous too suffered abundantly, at the hands of the devil and from the permission of God.

He cried out: “Earth, do not cover my blood; may my cry never be laid to rest! Even now my witness is in heaven; my advocate is on high. My intercessor is my friend as my eyes pour out tears to God; on behalf of a man he pleads with God as one pleads for a friend.” (Job 16:18-21)

Those of us who lost loved ones during this pandemic, do not hide your pain or turmoil, cry out and mourn, so we as believers can mourn with you in spirit. Pray in power and truth for the God of Comfort to be at your side. Pray our love manifests through action and that Christ Jesus our intercessor, our witness will faithfully console and meet your needs in this darkened season.

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“Dear Gracious Lord and Heavenly Father:
You are the Sovereign Lord. The Most High God sitting on the throne of heaven overseeing all things. What afflictions has troubled us and shakened our world did not surprise you. In the palm of your hands we rest and now we ask Lord for your compassion and mercy to touch and overwhelm the lives of those affected by the coronavirus. God you have not despised or scorned our suffering, let this pain draw us closer to Your presence. Our hearts and strength have melted but You God are all powerful and mighty. Please let Your strength and aid come quickly to those fighting against COVID-19 and all essential and healthcare workers.
In Jesus name Amen.”

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