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Concurrently, battling a pity party growing in myself right now, but there is no need to feel angry or bitterness in regards to my past situations. The Lord God knows my spirit and He knows yours. He knows I am easily swindled and moved to envy by beautiful faces and images of happy families and couples; hour glass shaped bodies and/or persona boosting posts. The Lord knows I have an unhealthy spirit hungering for power and thirsting for ambition. When God tells me, “no,” He is protecting me from myself, and a lot of times, I refuse to listen or I believe I know what is best.

I can guarantee, my friends, you experience the battles between the flesh and spirit as well.

A book I have been reading and meditating on is called “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges. It is a phenomenal Christian book explaining how evangelical America and veteran Christians do not see sins such as frustration, anxiety, worry, discontentment and the like are sin. Instead, we rationalize and point the finger at other people’s sins, because we think our sin though no as flagarant as others is as bad. The

One of the passages from Jerry Bridges book called, “Respectable Sins” reminds me how I should be what I am–not what I want to be. The key is to be, conform to the image, identity God has marked in His palm for me. The passage in Chapter One “Ordinary Saints” reads, “Be what you are,” That is be in your behavior what you are in your state of being. So although the word saintbasically describes our new state of being as people separated unto God, it carries with it the idea of responsibility to live as saints in our daily lives.”

“Be what you are,” means for me to be the new creation the Holy Spirt has made me. He transformed me, my state of being is that I am no longer dead. I am alive in Christ Jesus with God. “Be what you are” means for me to live out the new me, the born again me, the original me, before the fall of man. The Holy Spirit dwells in my me. I obey God’s commands, walking by faith the teachings Jesus taught us. Be what you are is me, taking responsibility for living the authentic Christian life here on Earth. I cannot blame my circumstances or how people treat me as excuses as to why I am not behaving like Christ. I act against the Christian code. I sin against God’s law when I respond ungodly. Therefore my state of being does not match my actions, they’re mismatched.

“Be what you are” consistently reaffirms God’s unrivaled, unparalleled knowledge of me and my inner workings . The faith in this truth constitutes my reality, if God knows what I am, then He knows what makes me happy, and if being what I am in His perfect will is apart of His brilliant, flawless design, pleases Him, then this very behavior will bring me joy and satisfaction as well. Humanity finds its purpose in God, not apart from Him.

Jesus elaborates in John 15:9-11, “9 “As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love. 10 If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commands and remain in his love. 11 I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. “

Love is complete in the Father. My joy is made complete in Jesus, as I remain Him. A part of recognizing God’s outranked superincumbent genius and wisdom is accepting God knows what makes me smile and brings me joy more than I ever will. The human argument is, “If I got what I want, when I want then I will be complete, happy. I will want nothing else.” If following this argument we created a fictional world and we had a self centered god the results would be catastrophic.

An egotistical, narcissistic god immediately grants his followers what they desire, ignoring their sinful nature mars the beauty and wholeness of their original designs. The original design is complete and does not hunger. The damaged designed is plagued by sin. Sin exposes humanity’s need for acceptance and security, and a sense of belonging and purpose. The narcissistic god instead of giving the people, he created himself, would indubitably lead them to damnation and eternal separation, their desires are their gods. This narcissistic god loves his people too little. Happiness likens to giving someone what they want all the time. He is unable to fathom how his creations need him. His presence. His hand whether it is chastisement or love, this god fails them, because he is not willing to receive his do glory, by sending the incarnation of himself to pay sin. A stroke of temporary unhappiness, discomfort and surge of pain is a minimal price to pay if comparing it to eternal separation.

An unrepentant, not born again human mind believes the Lord God is selfish, cold, and controlling. Still the saint is purposed to dispelling those lies and manipulations from the evil one, divulging to them contentment is found in to “Be What You Are” taken from the world to God.

Separation unto God is permanent. There is no revoking or honorable discharge, however God desires for His children to climb the rank. It would be a slap in the face if I abused God’s grace and mercy, for the remainder of my life. Such conformity does not require emotion, only obedience. Good behavior will bring good feelings, eventually. I have a responsibility. I have a responsibility to myself to encourage the sanctification process, Jesus begun as the Holy Spirit works in me, completing the work until the day I get to heaven. Either I fight my new programming and become increasingly miserable and bitter or I surrender and embrace the many unknown gifts, adventures, and blessings, God has promised me.

So learn from me Beloved, my friends learn to be what you are, stop fighting this already permanent process.

Be What You Are.

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