Letter to Visitors

“He cares for you. I know it may not feel like God cares for you, but He does.

The darkness is far than heavy, it is all consuming and appears no dawn can break the shadows shrouding your face like a wintry, avalanche bombarding down the mountainside.

Between the ear piercing wind and rushing hail storm, you do not know what is worse–the reality that this could be it–that this is your life and the predicament of how you will end or no one will find your body, cold and dead and buried. No one will discover the tumoultous burdens of sorrow and perpetual angst you felt in your soul, carried with you behind sweet, bitter smiles and insurmountable tasks you were appointed to bear.

Then, God reaching out His hand did not ignore your sin, your faults, all your mistakes and transgressions. Buried underneath layers of snow, His grace and mercy and love warmed His heart to give you His best, His utmost most precious and beloved gift to you. Through Jesus Christ, God reaches His hand back toward us, toward you, not for the purpose of condemnation and eternal inseparation, but to reclaim you as His!

You see, the difference between us and God is the presence of darkness and shame makes us hide. But when we go missing, God goes looking!

I know, Beloved, hope appears to be a distant stranger and not a frequent visitor. Yet is it not the darkest and most depairing moments where we heavily experience God’s faithfulness and unfailing love rescue us from our icy chambers? So, my friend if you’re reading this, then do not believe the lies of this world or Satan. Jesus takes on every shred of our inquity. There is no deed too dismal and no act too dark and no failure too big. So, while you may believe your body is forever frozen and stuck underneath miles of snow and ice–know you’re not alone in this Christian struggle.

You are apart of a community. A community with a rich, spiritual history where we always have the victory, because God stands for us! 

If you want to be more than you are, then this blog is meant for you! I cannot promise you my blog will always have a delightful, sweet taste, many days the cup will be bitter and the meat will be tough and hard to swallow, but it is necessary.

Because, Beloved, there is nothing greater than a Christ fulfilled life. So, stay be a visitor, be a stranger, be a friend.

I am here, to be as transparent as godly possible and a teacher when Jesus sees important.”

Sincerely, a friend.

The purpose of my blog is to show a true authentic relationship with God. Throughout my Christian years, I’ve grown so tired of routine and religion. I want God. I want Him, and I need Him in my life.

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