The Purpose of This Blog

1. What are the blog post times? Every Tuesday at 7pm.

2. What are daily blogs? Daily blogs are blogs, I post throughout the week to give you updates on my life or encouragment. They are a more personal, side by side feel.

3. What value can this blog give you, readers? If you want to be more than you are, then this blog is meant for you! I too hunger for the same thing. I been a Christian since I was eight, I remember the day I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. The sweet delight of an adventure and transformation pulled me close to Him. But often what happens to thousands of Christians around the world is that we never recognize our true potential. We begin to think the Christian life: overcoming our personal addictions and demons, experiencing the promises of God, growing closer to our Lord is all nothing but a fairy tale. That’s why I made this blog. How much of our life is failure, regrets, and pain! I hope to encourage Christians to take their spiritual life seriously, by using my life as a platform where I am transparent about my mistakes and the lessons I learn on the daily basis.

4. When was this blog started? What is its purpose? My blog was started in the year 2015, towards the end of my senior year at Michigan State and the beginning of my internship. However, the story of this blog not only begins with a young college woman yearning and longing in her spirit for the emptiness in her heart to be filled. The story of this blog comes from the heart and spirit of every man, woman, and child seeking fulfillment and joy in the world that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

5. What kind of posts do you write? I write godly posts based upon Christian topics. I always try to support all my points with evidence found in God’s Word. I aim for a young adult to adult audience. As an English teacher I seek to invest in my students the skills necessary to critically think and analyze the world. My approach is the same with the Word of God. I am an vessel and it is my hope you learn something critical increasing your spiritual growth.

The purpose of my blog is to show a true authentic relationship with God. Throughout my Christian years I’ve grown so tired of routine and religion. I want God. I want Him and I need Him in my life.